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Opportunities for the Food Processing Industry in Chennai, Tamil Nadu

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Chennai, the capital city of the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu is one of the largest cities in India. Chennai was ranked among the top 10 food cities in the world, 2015 by National Geographic, and was the only South Asian city featured in the list. Chicken 65, the famous chicken starter in India was invented in Chennai.

Tamil Nadu has seven agro-climatic zones with diverse soil and climatic conditions suitable for the cultivation of different crops. Tamil Nadu is one of the leading agro-processing states in the country, contributing to over 7% of India‚Äôs food processing output. Tamil Nadu is the largest producer of banana in the country. The state is one of the leading producers of marine fish, fruits, and vegetables in the country. Tamil Nadu is the second-largest producer of coconut, poultry, and dairy products in the country. Tamil Nadu is the third-largest producer of tea and coffee in the country.    

Government Initiatives for the Sector

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Food processing is a thriving industry in Tamil Nadu. The food processing industry in Tamil Nadu is dominated by large-scale industries such as ITC Limited, PEPSICO, Nestle, BRITANIA, Hindustan Uniliver Limited, Suguna Foods, etc. But, there also exist several SMEs that contribute a lot to the sector. These sectors owing to a lack of financial resources, unlike the well-established players, face several challenges in terms of market facilities, R&D, technology, skills, etc. that hinder their growth.

As one of the top food consulting firms with food consultants in Chennai, we understand the challenges of food processing industries in the state and help them overcome the challenges and grow.  Our verified food processing consultants in Chennai provide turn-key solutions for market research, product development, funding, quality management, regulations, R&D, packaging, safety, marketing, distribution, etc. for the food processing industry.

  • Priority in the land allotment and water supply for food processing industries
  • Reliable and consistent 24x7 power supply for food processing industries
  • Capital subsidy to catalyse investments in the food processing industry
  • Interest subsidy of 3% per annum (additional 2% for women or SC/ST entrepreneurs) on the long term loan availed for fixed capital investment
  • Stamp duty exemption
  • Reimbursement of gross SGST for industries with investment above 10 Cr.
  • Market fee exemption for fruits and vegetables purchased from FPOs
  • Marketing and transportation assistance
  • Export incentives   

Tamil Nadu has world-class infrastructure for food processing consisting of one mega food park, eight industrial parks, and four agri-export zones.

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I was looking for a food consultant who can help me setup tomato processing plant. I am very happy to get a food consultant from SolutionBuggy who actually visited my location and helped in setting up the plant and start the manufacturing.

- Kishore Kumar, Kishore Foods.

Thank you SolutionBuggy for helping in conducting market research and identifying the right product for my food industry. Looking forward to collaborate in many more projects in future. All the best!

- Abhishek, ABR Food Enterprise.

SolutionBuggy has been very helpful for us in terms of providing services to us. They helped in improving the product quality of our food products as the market standards. Today, we are delivering products with top quality with the help of SB.

- Suresh Krishna, PVK Pvt. Ltd.

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Food Business Ideas in Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Turmeric Processing 

Telangana is the largest producer of turmeric in India. The total production of turmeric in 2015-16 was nearly 1,842,85 metric tons grown in an area of 42535 hectors.  

Chillies Processing

Telangana is one of the largest producers of chillies in India. During 2018, the production of chillies in Telangana was 341 thousand metric tons, accounting for 33 percent of total production in the country.

Fruits Processing 

Telangana is one of the largest producers of fruits in the country. Lemon, mango, grapes and soybean are some of the fruits largely grown in Telangana.   

Meat and Fish Processing 

Telangana occupies No. 1 position in the sheep population in India. Telangana has largely improved its position in the inland fisheries over the past few years.

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Fruits Processing

Fruits Processing

Banana, mango, papaya, sapota, grapes, water melon, lemon, etc. are some of the fruits largely grown in Tamil Nadu.

Grains Processing

Tamil Nadu is one of the leading grain producing state in the country. During FY-19, Tamil Nadu has produced 10.39 million metric tons of food grains.

Grains Processing

Dairy Processing 

Tamil Nadu is the fourth-largest dairy market in the country. The total milk production in the state in 2019 was around 9 billion liters.  

Dairy Processing

Vegetables Processing 

Tomato, onion, brinjal, tapioca, ladies finger, etc. are some of the vegetables largely grown in Tamil Nadu.

Vegetables Processing


Fisheries is an important food production sector in the state, contributing to the livelihood of a large section of the people.

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