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Management consulting
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About SolutionBuggy

SolutionBuggy is India’s largest management consulting platform dedicated to MSMEs with 800+ management consultants. Our expert consultants help you address your business and technical challenges, optimize processes and achieve growth by implementing change management strategies.

We aim to create an integrated and digital ecosystem for MSMEs in the country, enabling them to address their challenges, and increase productivity with better ROI. Till date, we successfully completed 300+ management consulting projects for our clientele spread across the country.

Importance of a Freelance Consultant

In today’s market environment, starting and running a company is no less than a roller coaster ride. With growing competition in the market among the companies, the demand for consulting services and freelance consultants is increasing. While well-established companies can have in-house experts who can provide them the required expertise for business growth, small and medium scale enterprises with limited financial resources cannot afford to have in-house consultants. So, most of the MSMEs, if not all, go for freelance and advisory consultants who provide them consulting services as per their requirements.

Companies Availed Management Consulting Services

Management consultants
Management consulting
management consulting services
Product management consulting
certified management consultant

How Our Management Consultants Can Help You?

MSMEs, in a country India with more than one billion population and great demographic dividend, play an important role in driving the economy. As per the Ministry of MSME, there are more than 63 million MSME units in India. MSMEs provide employment opportunities to millions of people, both skilled and un-skilled in the country. MSMEs sector is the second-largest employment generator in India after agriculture. MSMEs also act as the ancillary units to large scale industries and help to complement the whole industrial ecosystem.

MSMEs contribute to 30% of India’s GDP and 40% of total exports. The share of MSMEs in the domestic manufacturing output is more than 45%. Considering the role of MSMEs in propelling the economy, the government has decided to increase the share of the MSME sector in the GDP to more than 50%. The Government of India recently revised the definition of MSMEs in the country, allowing them to avail more benefits from the government. The contribution of the MSME sector is vital in making India one of the largest economies and economic superpowers in the world.

In India out of total MSMEs, more than 99% are micro-enterprises. This signifies the failure of these micro-enterprises to grow into small and medium scale industries. The whole thing drills down to a lack of guidance to the MSMEs for their business expansion and management. Apart from this, they also face several challenges, such as limited access to financial resources, low technology adoption, poor infrastructure, delayed cash flows, capacity building, availability of skilled labour, fluctuations in availability and cost of raw materials.

Our management consulting services allow you to address these challenges while managing your business and allow you to expand and grow your business through change management. By collaborating with your internal team, our expert management consultants allow you to increase employee productivity.

Management Consultants
Management Consultants


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Different Types of Certified Management Consultants We Offer

Management is a broad field, primarily consisting of change management and product management. Hence we offer not a single consultant but a number of certified management consultants who are experts in their respective fields.

Change Management Consultant

Product management deals with various activities related to the product, analysis, product design, prototyping, product development, planning, production, costing, product release, marketing, etc.

Our product management consulting experts help you in all the phases of the product’s lifecycle. Launching a new product into the market involves various technical and business challenges apart from economic, social, environmental, and other issues. Our product management consultants assist you in overcoming various challenges in launching the product into the market.

Also, different geographies require different marketing strategies while launching the product. This is more significant, particularly in the diverse country like India. Our product management consulting experts assist you in devising different strategies for different geographies as per the local conditions and factors.

Product Management Consultant

Change management refers to methods in which a company implements changes both in the external and internal processes, including all the aspects of the organization such as people, process, technology, structure, collaboration, and budget. An organization needs to take into account a lot of factors while bringing in the change and dealing with change management, such as people and processes involved in the change, resources required to implement the change, etc.

Our change management consultants help effectively bring in a change in your organization and perform better, by analyzing all the factors involved. Expert change management consultants guide you in preparing the management and employees and establishing necessary steps to implement the change, monitoring pre-change and post-change activities, etc. They assist you in various processes including crisis management, risk management, allowing you to make the organizational change more effective and smooth.

10 Reasons Why You Need Management Consulting Services?

There are several areas in which a management consultant can help you such as improving productivity, creating required infrastructure, identifying vendor channels, outsourcing strategies, capacity building, warehouse management, employee training, etc. Here are some of the areas where our management consultants can be helpful for your business:

Business owners utilize their experience and ideas to come up with the product design. While the design may be decent considering the vision of the entrepreneur, there may be certain aspects that may not have been considered. It is always prudent to have the product design or the production plan reviewed by an expert in the field. Project management consultants come with varied experience in the industry and bring their invaluable expertise to the table. Business owners can have their product design and plan reviewed by the management consultants who may be able to provide suggestions for improvement if any.

    A manufacturing setup requires the necessary infrastructure to be ready before production can commence. Procuring the required infrastructure can be daunting especially for entrepreneurs who are not experts in the domain. Technology is constantly improving and there may be various options available for a particular business case. Assessment of the various available alternatives may not be something that the business owners have expertise in. This is where management consulting can help bring the subject matter experts in an advisory role to suggest and assess the various options available thereby minimizing costs for the business. Certified management consultants with their years of industry experience help businesses make the right decisions when it comes to creating the appropriate infrastructure required to begin production

      Raw materials are the lifeblood of the manufacturing industry. The quality of raw materials pretty much determines the quality of your finished product. Procuring good quality raw materials at a reasonable price can be a challenge for most industries, especially if you are new in the market. This is where a trusted business management consultant can help you identify the right vendor channels and partners who are both reliable and affordable. Ensuring that you are not paying more for good quality raw materials is key to ensuring profitability in the long run. Experienced consultants can also help the business owners identify the right vendors for manufacturing any components that may be required in the production process

        One of the biggest challenges for any manufacturing industry is to make a choice between Build vs Buy. While manufacturing every part of the product may neither be practical nor profitable for the industry, it is imperative that the business owner decides which parts of the product will be produced in-house and which parts will be outsourced. While this decision can be difficult, having an experienced and trusted advisor in the form of a project management consultant can assist the business owner to assess the pros and cons of all the available options, before coming to a conclusion. The right decision at this stage can make a significant impact on the company’s profitability

          Before setting up the production plan, it is critical that the industry establishes the quality control specifications and the acceptable tolerances for the various components and the overall product. Without established quality specifications in place, it is impossible to measure if the outputs from the manufacturing process are meeting the quality standards expected by the customers. Unless the manufacturer is convinced that the product meets the defined quality standard, it is almost impossible to compete in the market, unless it is a monopoly. Experienced business management consultants can help a new enterprise define and establish the quality control specifications for the various components in the manufacturing process and help in setting up quality control processes to help monitor product quality on an ongoing basis

            Have you ever encountered a snag during the production process? Such disruptions can be disastrous especially if you do not have prior experience in managing such issues. Production problems can throw a spanner in your works as everything comes to a standstill and you are staring at losses, of both time and money. Seasoned project management consultants are able to anticipate such disruptions during the production phase, owing to their experience and domain knowledge. Besides anticipating frequently occurring problems, they can also help business owners by suggesting feasible solutions to manage such stressful situations. They can also help in setting up preventive maintenance schedules to prevent unplanned downtime

              As an industry, it is not sufficient just to produce quality products. The business owners need to ensure that the products reach the right market on time and in good condition, especially if they are perishable. It is critical for the industry to find the right distribution centers closest to the consumer, employing excellent logistics. In the case of perishable items, it is essential that they identify the right warehouse that can provide the optimal storage conditions for preserving them. Business management consultants with rich experience in the specific field are knowledgeable about these facilities and can help business owners find the perfect fit for their product’s requirements at an affordable price

                Even established manufacturing processes have in-built inefficiencies; some of them may have crept in overtime. Bringing in an expert in the role of a manufacturing consultant to review the industry’s established processes may unearth some of these inefficiencies. Besides identifying the areas of improvement within the manufacturing process, the consultant may be able to provide suggestions on technology improvements from their previous experience with similar industries. These suggestions could help the business achieve considerable gains in the long-term. New players in the sector can significantly benefit from the thought leadership provided by these seasoned professionals

                  For a new manufacturing setup, it is paramount that the workforce is adequately trained on the machinery and the assembly. The skill level of the workforce directly impacts the efficiency of the manufacturing process, and eventually determines the quality of the product. Training the workforce can be a daunting task for any business owner, especially if they are not hands-on, or when the installation is new and unfamiliar. This is where an experienced and certified management consultant can come in handy. Having been a part of the infrastructure planning and setup, the management consultants can contribute to developing an in-house training program for the factory personnel. Most of the management consultants have vast experience in training personnel and this can help scale up the workforce pretty quickly

                    Businesses are constantly looking to improve their profitability. Implementing lean operations is a simple way to achieve this. Most businesses turn to strategy consultants to help them implement lean operations in order to reduce operating costs, improve productivity and increase profitability. Strategy consultants, with their thought leadership and insights, can also help entrepreneurs chalk out key strategies for driving growth. A well-designed and effectively executed growth strategy can help boost revenue, enhance customer satisfaction and unlock savings for your business. This is important for those enterprises that seek to expand revenue over time. And this vision can only be realized if the growth strategy is flexible and allows for scalability

                      Why Management Consultants from SolutionBuggy?

                      If you are looking for a management consultant who can help you address your challenges and bring about a change in your company to grow, then kindly register with SolutionBuggy. As one of the top management consulting firms in the country dedicated to MSMEs, we provide you access to 800+ management consultants, who can assist you in addressing your problems and implementing change management strategies

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                      Trusted & Verified FSSAI License Consultants

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                      End-to-end Assistance



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                      Time & Cost Savings

                      Great team, I appreciate the follow-up they keep up with their customers about each and every detail. Kudos to your initiatives and thanks solution buggy for the regular update.

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