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SolutionBuggy is India’s largest business consulting platform dedicated to MSMEs with 800+ business consultants. Our experts help you overcome your business challenges, optimize processes and implement growth strategies.

Our aim is to create an integrated and digital ecosystem for MSMEs in the country, enabling them to address their business challenges and increase productivity with better ROI. Till date, we have successfully completed 300+ business consulting projects for our clients spread across the country.


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I have a groundnut and mustard oil manufacturing plant with a capacity of 1,250 liters per month. I was looking for a consultant who can help me enter into foreign markets. SolutionBuggy connected me with a number of experts who helped me explore the foreign markets.

- Kavita Das

We are into automobile manufacturing industry. We are looking to diversify into aerospace and defence manufacturing industry, foreseeing better opportunities there. SolutionBuggy through their business consultants provided me a detailed strategy for diversification.

- Kumar Vikram

We provide total integrated solutions to manufacturing industries to address quality issues in the production line. We want to make our solution reach different sectors. We were looking for a consultant who can assist us. We are happy that found the relevant expert at SolutionBuggy.

- Ram Kumar

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Trusted & Verified Consultant

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If you are looking for a business consultant who can help you address your challenges and grow, then kindly register with SolutionBuggy. As one of the top business consulting firms in the country dedicated to MSMEs, we provide you access to 800+ business consultants, who can assist you in addressing your problems and implementing growth strategies.

What are the advantages of hiring a business management consultant?

A professional business management consultant can help you address your business problems in an easy manner. Hiring a business consulting expert provides you access to domain expertise that you earlier do not have but require. Business consultants as the experts who work different businesses across multiple domains can bring on-board diverse skill set and knowledge about the latest happenings in the industry, trends in the market, forth-coming challenges, etc. This helps you easily overcome the business challenges that can hinder your growth and prepare a robust plan of action for the future.    

Hiring a business consultant also gives you an external view point for internal challenges. Business management consultants, by addressing your challenges would allow you to focus more on your core activities which in turn will help to increase productivity.

These days, business consulting services from external have become an integral part of the business strategy for every kind of business. Whether you are a small company operating in a specific geographic location or a company with branches in many locations, you can for business consulting services. Our business turnaround consultants help you register a giant leap in your growth trajectory by addressing your challenges.  
Whatever your requirement may be, be it increasing revenues, dealing with unforeseen situations, employee retention, increasing employee productivity, entering into new markets, technology adoption, etc. or business consultants can help you address your requirements and move ahead in the right direction.

Who can go for business consulting services?

As a company, no matter how hard you work with your in-house team to grow the business, you cannot always achieve the desired results in the expected time frame. It is not advisable on the part of CXOs to always depend on the in-house capabilities to see a giant leap in terms of revenue and profits, and this is where business consultants from external platforms come in handy. Business consulting helps companies gain access to specialized expertise and knowledge from experts.

Our consultants from SolutionBuggy collaborate with you on a wide range of aspects right from long-term strategy, day-to-day planning, operations, human resource management, technology implementation, business development, etc. Our experts provide you with the right and first-hand information concerned with your business in addition to the guidance required for business growth. This allows the key decision-makers to make informed and data-driven decisions by the proper analysis of data.

Strategy plays an important role in the success of any kind of business, irrespective of the size, location or domain. It is vital in the various functions of an organization such as production, marketing, sales, supply chain management, etc. Now-a-days, it is quite common for companies to hire business improvement consultants to implement business change strategies, improve internal functioning and thereby enhance business productivity.

Our business consultants provide consulting on planning, development and implementation of the organization’s strategy. It helps companies improve their overall functioning and maximize profits. Our business turnaround consultants also provide assistance for restructuring companies in order to address the current challenges and meet the future business goals. We aim to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness in the organization, while also making appropriate changes that would change the future prospects of the company.

Management consulting refers to services rendered to the top management of the organization with an objective to improve the effectiveness and productivity of the entire team and thereby that of the company. Management consulting, as it deals primarily with key management, involves various complex processes that are an integral part of an organization. For any management consultant, first it is imperative to clearly understand the complex and unique structure and functioning of the company.

A lot of businesses run by small teams, who are responsible for a wide range of activities right from marketing, sales, customer support to finance and operations. To effectively deal with complex problems in such organization, one must have in-depth knowledge of each and every facet of the company in question. So, it is difficult to address all the issues with a small team of limited number of people. Our business management consultants help the top management in understanding and analysing the various aspects of the problems in running the business and offer advice on organizational matters, policy, financial, CSR, etc. to enhance the brand image of the company and achieve better growth.

Operations management refers to services that are intended to improve the internal operations and performance of a company in the entire value chain. It focuses on enhancing the performance of different facets of the company such as organization design, governance across functions, departments, roles and responsibilities of individuals, overall team performance, etc.

Our business improvement consultants help you become more efficient in terms of operations by implementing the organizational and operational changes. We provide a strategy for designing and managing the operational procedure and flow of a company's production and design in the creation and delivery of products or services. Our business improvement consultants ensure the smooth flow of all materials through production, processing, shipping, and receipt and distribution. By developing and implementing effective operations management plans, we help businesses provide better services to their customers at significant cost savings over the long-term.

Financial advisory consulting deal with finances, management of debt, issues regarding equity for certain internal projects, acquisitions and various other growth strategies. Our consultants, by acting as financial strategists, provide the best possible advice in the areas related to business planning, corporate finance, investment banking and financial analysis. Our consultants help businesses in lowering their costs while implementing effective business strategies for improving performance. SolutionBuggy offers you a pool of highly trained financial advisors who worked with accounting firms. We help you not just with the financials, which is just one aspect of the business management but also assist you in several other aspects, enabling you to run your business smoothly.

HR consulting involves providing expertise and guidance in managing the various aspects of human resource management to improve the functioning of an organization. Human resource is an integral part of any organization. Effective management of human resources is important for the success of the business. In this current world, where the attrition rate is quite high, it is very difficult for a business owner to ensure better satisfaction levels in the employees and thereby derive better productivity from them. Apart from the cost of hiring and retaining employees is increasing day-by-day in the market. HR consultants can help businesses reduce the cost and time of hiring employees. They help you develop strategies, action plan, procedures and policies to retain the trained employees, thereby allowing to reduce the attrition rate.

IT consulting, also known as technology consulting, refers to services that allow businesses to use technology and digital platforms better to achieve their business goals. Technology has been transforming the way people conduct their business. Today, no business can ignore the impact of technology on their success rate. It is vital for any business to implement technology and digital systems to make sure that they are not carried away by the advancements in the field of technology. IT consultants allow you to adopt the latest technology in line with your long-term business goals. Technology allows you to minimize the dependency on human resources, eradicate errors, and get better output with the same or less effort.

Our consultants help you in the implementation of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system that act as an integrated platform for businesses to manage all aspects starting from customer support, financial management, HR, to regulatory compliance, accounting and supply chain management. The ERP system help businesses increase transparency in their day-to-day operations by tracking and recording all the aspects of a business.

Marketing and sales is an inseparable part of every business. In today’s competitive business environment, it is not so easy to effectively implement marketing and sales strategy without the help marketing and sales experts.

With the advent of digital technologies, marketing and sales have undergone several changes. The new digital marketing has overtaken conventional marketing techniques. Digital marketing has made it possible for businesses to reach out to a wider customer base in relatively less time and with less cost. It also helps to discover new customer segments and provide them with more personalized services.

However, implementing digital strategies in marketing and sales is not an easy task considering the complexities involved. Our consultants help you easily implement digital marketing strategies and increase your sales. We also help you increase your customer base in an organic manner without depending much on paid advertising campaigns.

Diversification is a business growth strategy that involves entering into new industry segments that you are not currently into. It is one of the popular business strategies implemented by large companies known as conglomerates. However, it is also a feasible option for small and medium enterprises, provided they have done a proper market research before entering into the other business vertical.

In fact, diversification is key for MSMEs to survive in this disruptive environment. But, for various not many MSMEs engage in the business diversification, considering it as low priority option. We help small and medium businesses diversify into other business verticals by providing them with a diversification strategy curated as per their unique strengths. MSMEs, unlike the big companies, have their own challenges due to their limited access to funds and confined scope. As a business consulting firm dedicated to MSMEs, we assist MSMEs in devising optimal diversification with long-term business goals.

Mergers and acquisitions in business terms refer to consolidation of two or more companies or the assets belonging to the companies. Mergers and acquisitions is one of the popular practice in the world of corporate finance.

Acquisition is the process in which one company purchases the other one. In the acquisition, the name and the legal structure of the acquired company do not change, but it just operates under the parent company. Merger is the combination of two or more companies, forming a new legal entity under a single brand name. The main reason behind either merger or acquisition is to maximize the revenues and profits of the companies involved and create more value in comparison with the previous entities. Our business management consultants help companies to easily merge with or acquire other company by following all the due procedures.

Starting a business is not an easy task. While there are many important things that need to be considered while starting a business like funds, land, etc., certifications remain both crucial and critical in many aspects.

It is very important for a business owner to figure out all the required documents and certifications before moving ahead in starting the business. Some of the essential documents and certifications required to start a business include, shareholder agreement, founder agreement, certification of incorporation, no objection certificate, company PAN card, TIN number, non-disclosure agreement, GSTIN, etc. These certifications and documents may change or differ depending on the business vertical. Getting approvals and certifications from different authorities is a time-consuming task. We help you easily get all the certificates and documents required to start your company.

Entering into new markets is a potential business strategy that offers better business opportunities outside the conventional markets. New market entry allows businesses to explore business opportunities across the world and connect with new customer segments.

Different markets in the world require different entry strategies and no one strategy works all the markets. In some markets, direct penetration into the market may help. In some markets, it is better to collaborate with the local player. There are several strategies to enter into the new markets like acquiring a company, joint ventures, licencing, greenfield projects, direct exporting, franchising, etc.

A lot of factors must be considered while choosing the new market entry strategy like competitors, cost of operations, marketing channels, local sentiments, government regulations, tax structures, etc. Our business consultant experts help you decide the new market entry strategy by analysing all the factors involved.

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